Cheap visualization software

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By Patrick Boberg Human beings are visual animals. It’s hard for us to comprehend something unless we see or viscerally experience it. The perfect business example is the mind numbing effect analytics can have on a meeting when the person … Continued

5 tips for better email marketing

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By Pat Klopf Planning an effective email marketing campaign can be tricky business. Several different factors should be considered when writing an email to get people interested in your business, such as recognizing the needs of your customers, setting goals … Continued

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‘Live Free or DIY’ by Justine E. Crawford May 31, 2016 From startup to growth to pivoting in a changing marketplace, “Live Free or DIY” reveals that small business owners in every industry hit the same roadblocks — and that … Continued

Diversify your tech ecosystem

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By Patrick Boberg   If your company is large enough to have an Information Technology department or even a single “IT” guy, you have no doubt had conversations about ecosystem — even if you haven’t used the exact term. Combine … Continued

How long should I keep resumes or applications?

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By Melissa Walker Business owners can find themselves bombarded with paperwork, and much of that paperwork can pertain to personnel or employment records including applications and resumes from individuals who interviewed for a position and weren’t hired. Can these things … Continued

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“Like a Virgin” by Richard Branson Sept. 25, 2012 It’s business school, the Branson way. Whether you’re interested in starting your own business, improving your leadership skills, or simply looking for inspiration from one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our … Continued

New hires, openings, closings and more

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Five Guys opens Five Guys Burgers and Fries is now open and serving fistfuls of goodness despite delays due to construction issues. The new West Des Moines eatery is the first in Iowa for the popular national franchise chain. Five … Continued

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