coverAt Big Green Umbrella Media, we clearly see the benefits of business networking. Our customers are other business owners or managers, with most being locally owned. We belong to more than 20 chambers of commerce and have recently become involved in various other networking or business groups.

Of course, simply attending networking events isn’t enough. One can’t hide in the corner like a mouse and expect to get anything out of any social gathering. It takes the right attitude. It takes time. And, yes, it takes money.

Those who can effectively advertise their products or services and be involved in networking events so people can put a face and name with a company are the ones who truly succeed. Successful long-term business operators have learned that effective marketing is a mix of these components.

We spend a lot of money on dues to belong to various organizations, and, like you, we are learning which ones truly help our business and which ones don’t. We all need allies in our networks — people from organizations we can trust and who have our best interests in mind. We also need to realize that business relationships are two-way streets, and each party must “win” in order to keep the bonds strong.

We also spend a substantial amount of money marketing our publications to potential advertisers. That has been an integral part of our growth. But, in all honesty, we spend the most on the time that we invest to get involved. We think it is important, and we think you should, too.

In this month’s cover story, we offer ideas on how you can use networking to grow your business. It is part of our continuing goal to provide you with news and information as valuable resources to help your business grow.

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Shane Goodman

Editor and Publisher

Iowa Business Journals

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