VoIP for business

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Voice over Internet Protocol can save your small business money and offer more services. If there is one technology cost-saver you could embrace immediately, it is cutting ties with your traditional phone service and replacing it with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). … Continued

Hand your employees a hotspot

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Show your staff that you recognize their investment in their smart devices and are willing to meet them halfway. If you employ millennials, it is a near certainty that they are using their personal smart devices to conduct business. It is … Continued

The concerns of off-site email

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If your email provider suffers a breach or data loss, what are your security or recovery options? In the world of small-business management, the one budget that lives up to the moniker is in information technology (IT). As imperative as technology is to … Continued

LinkedIn doesn’t care about cool

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It is for furthering one’s career and discovering potential employers. If you are privy to the sways of pop culture and technology, you are probably aware of how uncool LinkedIn is. Don’t buy into that. Yes, LinkedIn isn’t “cool,” but when it comes … Continued

The watchful eye of European Big Brother

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Your small business might be breaking digital laws. If you operate a small business in Iowa, chances are good that your customers are Iowans. However, if your business has a public website or any online space that your business administers, according to the European … Continued

The many ways to track your travel

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Your smartphone offers dozens of options. Travel can be a silent budget killer. Never mind hoarding receipts for meals on the road and hotel stays, the real iron maiden of expense is mileage. If you’re using a personal vehicle to travel near and … Continued

Don’t fall in love with drones

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There is a dirty little word you have to deal with Drone videography is becoming ubiquitous in our world. For a stunningly low investment, you can fly a small helicopter or quadcopter with a high-definition camera. What started as an expensive film making device has … Continued