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By Lisa Goldman
288 pages
June 14, 2016

‘The Moonshot Effect: Disrupting Business as Usual’ ‘Management Mentor: Techniques for New Managers’

Drawing on the seminal 1961 Moonshotstory of President Kennedy as well as real life stories from the authors’ work, “The Moonshot Effect” steps you through the elements of a successful moonshot, from assembling a high performance team, selling your vision and executing the plan. “The Moonshot Effect” is a must-read for leaders
and includes 24 critical practices that are not only essential to leading and managing a successful moonshot, but can also benefit executives and entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Kate Purmal and Lisa Goldman were members of extraordinary moonshot teams early in their careers and have since inspired, led or guided countless moonshot projects. ♦




By Sean Donahoe
158 pages
July 31, 2017

‘Management Mentor: Techniques for New Managers’

The transition to management is difficult. “Management Mentor: Techniques for New Managers” teaches you the 15 techniques all new managers must learn. From setting a vision to promoting an employee, it captures the techniques your need to be successful. Designed to be read alone, with a coach, or a mentor, this book will guide you as you grow as a manager. The techniques will help you practice the basics of management as you develop your own personal philosophy. The course is design for newly promoted or soon-to-be promoted front line managers. Topics include setting a vision for your team, hiring top talent, effective one-on-ones, managing
your time and performance evaluations. ♦

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