Stop cutting email so much Slack

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One of the worst aspects of working in a professional environment is email. Between reply-all assassins, single sentence sinners and coworkers who write sixpage love letters over the use of em dashes versus en dashes, most professional inboxes are full of worthless correspondence. It’s no … Continued

Retirement savings plans

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7 things to consider about company retirement plans Buried in the daily grind of managing a business’ operations and overseeing employees is the business owner’s decision of whether to offer retirement savings to his or her employees. It’s something many business owners … Continued

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‘Predictable Prospecting’ If your organization’s success is driven by B2B sales, you need to be an expert prospector to successfully target, qualify and close business opportunities. This game-changing guide provides the immediately implementable strategies you need to build a solid, sustainable pipeline whether you’re a sales … Continued

Never closed with cloud computing

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Owning a small business means never being off the clock. It might be 3 p.m. on a Saturday, and you’re drifting peacefully in a boat across a lake. One comment from a fellow weekender suddenly flips you from relaxed weekend mode into business mode. … Continued

Paper or the cloud?

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Four questions to ask when storing your business data Businesses produce thousands, maybe even millions, of data points each year. The questions of what to do with that information, how to prevent loss, and how to keep it safe can be … Continued

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