What’s in a name?

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4 ideas to consider — and be cautious of — when creating your company name, logo and brand After Greta McCarty and Sara Davis took over the Valley Junction boutique their mother had operated for 13 years, they eventually discovered they would … Continued

Retirement savings plans

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7 things to consider about company retirement plans Buried in the daily grind of managing a business’ operations and overseeing employees is the business owner’s decision of whether to offer retirement savings to his or her employees. It’s something many business owners … Continued

Paper or the cloud?

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Four questions to ask when storing your business data Businesses produce thousands, maybe even millions, of data points each year. The questions of what to do with that information, how to prevent loss, and how to keep it safe can be … Continued

Owning or leasing?

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7 factors to evaluate when wading into commercial real estate An office or storefront is one of the largest expenses a small- and midsize business owner will incur, and the expense can vary depending upon whether a location is purchased or … Continued

Employees or contractors?

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4 ways to help determine which is right for your business Red Dot Advertising + Design in West Des Moines has a full-time team that handles most of its client projects, but there are times when the company turns to … Continued

Employee Perks

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8 low-cost benefits that small business owners can offer employees — beyond free coffee Everyone likes to feel extra special, and employees are no different. If a company already offers a competitive wage and benefits package, it can go one … Continued