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By Eskinder Assefa
100 pages
Sept. 25, 2017

‘The Right Start’

Unlike other books out there about startups, this book starts out by imploring you to first change your thinking process by adopting the Success Mindset. It then walks you through the Seven Deadliest Stupid Mistakes that new entrepreneurs make. This book will cover the “X” factor that all successful entrepreneurs have — perseverance.

Unlike academics and consultants who continually emphasize the need for a business plan, this book advises the opposite — don’t waste your time on a business plan now. Later, when you have shown success and are ready to raise money, you will have the time and resources to draft a business plan.

Finally, unlike others who tell you that the biggest reason for new business failure is lack of capital, this book tells you that the biggest reason that new businesses fail is for a lack of business.

In short, this book will tell you honestly, and sometimes brutally, what it takes to succeed in business. After you read it, you will either feel more energized and readier than ever, or youmay decide to think over starting a business some more.





By James Kademan 301 pages Oct. 13, 2017

‘The BOLD Business Book’

With stories, data and a witty sense of style, this is the business book that does not rival a desert in dryness — though it does dowse you in useful content.

This is the business book you will read and reread and give away to your friends who are on a similar BOLD path. “The BOLD Business Book” includes powerful real-world advice for your business. It dares to talk about things that most other business books are afraid to. Things like what to wear in business, as well as what to do at a networking event, as well as email
templates to help gain connections.

This business book also includes real-world experiences and stories from real people with real businesses.

The author is from Wisconsin, where the people are friendly, the winters are cold and reading a business book while drinking a beer is considered part of the job of a budding entrepreneur. This is a business book for entrepreneurs and startup business people who are starting everyday businesses. Businesses that you, as an entrepreneur, want to be proud of. ♦

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