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Written for small businesses, self-employed individuals, employers, professionals, independent contractors, home businesses and Internet businesses, “Small Time Operator” is the most popular business start-up guide ever. In clear, easy-to-understand language, the author covers getting permits and licenses; how to finance a business; finding the right business location; creating and using a business plan; choosing and protecting a business name; deciding whether to incorporate; establishing a complete bookkeeping system; hiring employees; federal, state and local taxes; buying a business or franchise; dealing with — and avoiding — the IRS; doing business on the Internet; handling insurance, contracts, pricing, trademarks, patents and much more.




“Small Time Operator”

by Bernard B. Kamoroff

256 pages

Feb 16, 2013






In 2009, Simon Sinek started a movement to help people become more inspired at work, and in turn inspire their colleagues and customers. Since then, millions have been touched by the power of his ideas, including more than 28 million who’ve watched his TED Talk based on “Start With Why” — the third most popular TED video of all time.

Sinek starts with a fundamental question: Why are some people and organizations more innovative, more influential and more profitable than others? Why do some command greater loyalty from customers and employees alike? Even among the successful, why are so few able to repeat their success over and over?

“Start With Why” shows that the leaders who’ve had the greatest influence in the world all think, act and communicate the same way — and it’s the opposite of what everyone else does. It all starts with WHY.




“Start With Why”

by Simon Sinek

256 pages

Dec 27, 2011


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